BAP One year anniversary

BAP Company was founded on 04/05/2016. At that time, BAP was still a small team on the 5th floor at Quang Dong Building. However, the number of employees has gradually increased over the months, and currently, we had nearly 80 people. In general, along with the development of the IT industry, BAP company has developed quite quickly in the Danang market in quantity and quality aspects. Our current workforce is pretty strong, very young, and very active. Among them, we have found out some special and stand-out factors and the hope that they will blow a new wind to BAP. If you want to know clearly about us,  we hope this article will give you a comprehensive view of BAP, about what we had done, what we are doing and what we will do.

Where is BAP located?

BAP is currently located at 4F, 5F Quang Dong Building, 108 Nui Thanh Street, Danang city. Besides, we also have 2 branches in Japan, they are located in Nagoya and Tokyo. Though the branches in Japan are not large, we guarantee the quality of the engineers there and the opportunities for moving to Japan for working.

Who is the CEO of BAP?

CEO of BAP is Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh. He had lived and worked in Japan for 8 years. He worked with engineers and producers of big groups such as Gree, CyberAgent, Gloops, Mobage, and grasped many experiences in many areas such as Web System, Erp System, Card Social Game, iOs game. He came back to Vietnam and established BAP (Be Advanced Partner) since he expected to develop technological products based on Vietnamese ideas, and he believes that Vietnamese people could develop technological products (similar products as the Japanese have been doing). This is also an orientation of BAP now and in the future. For him, the youth should live with the young spirit: be creative, give ideas, try the best, develop the ideas then the success will come. His point of view in business is “customer’s smile is our happiness”.

Who is the manager in Vietnam now?

He is Mr. Nguyen Trung Quan. After graduating from Ha Noi University of Science and Technology (HEPDSI Course),  he is chosen to work for a stock-exchange company in Japan with the desire of challenging himself in a new environment to learn new things. For him, “each person does a little best, the whole of Vietnam will be better” and the youth need to try their best for their passion and for their career. His point of view is “ nothing will happen if you don’t start”.

What is the mission and vision of BAP?


Providing high-technology products to promote the current passive IT environment of Vietnam.

Forming a group of project managers that have a broad vision based on real professional projects, a group of engineers who always desire for technology and success, who easily catch new technology trends to bring valuable products to society.


Becoming a worldwide corporation producing internet-involved solutions.

All services are made of advanced technologies, with the aim of bringing value to customers and developers.

What did we do in 2016?

Released any projects

Got a strong team

Developed products beyond our expectation

The connection among employees has been better and better.

What are our goals in 2017?

Training our current human resources to become talented IT engineers.

Launching into the market with more good products.

Enhancing the life of employees.

One year has passed, we hope the next year would be more colorful and successful!

BAP- Be Advanced Partner.