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BAP GROUP always aim to bring innovation to all products of our customers as well as our own. Technology innovations are influencing life and contribute positive changes to the society, in which BAP-ers always believe and aiming to.



BAP system

At BAP, we always seek for innovation in every single project, increase performance, utilize new technology for our customer’s satisfaction.

Smart Fashion

Challenges: The modern people nowadays are alway busy, they don't even have time to go shopping for their necessities. On the other hand, fashion retailers are facing abandoning baskets when it comes to online shopping and huge amounts of returned items to the stores because of mis-sized or color issues. SMART FASHION is born to help fashion retailers solve that problem by applying AI technology into trying clothes on virtually and suggesting matching items with the user’s current clothing in their wardrobe.
Solution: SMART FASHION is a new weapon to get rid of this distance. On this app, users are able to use the virtual fitting room to try on clothes, furthermore, they can style themselves from their own wardrobe with suggesting items on the app, Smart Fashion will then score the matching outfits created by end users . This is a solution for time-saving and enhancing user experience on E-commerce, or retailers. In order to do that, machine learning plays the key role in developing this app, when people can feel like they are real on each clothing items. This can be considered as one of the best developments by BAP’s team.


Challenges:Each succeeded application has its own target customers and its original concept to serve the customers’ needs. Liberzy is the application which is made by BAP with its targeted customers are travellers. We provide the best user experience when using Liberzy to build a traveller social network.
Solution: Understanding the concept of application and its service, BAP team has already discussed and designed the best experience for end-users . On this app, end- users will be able to apply stars on the particular schedule from previous travellers, and this will be ranked on the top of results if many people vote the same stars on it. Moreover, end-users can purchase directly airline tickets, subway tickets… from the app without searching on another platform.


Challenges: Developing a real estate platform is hard for business, when they cannot meet technologies to satisfy end-consumers. Because The current customers require more conveniences and applied technologies onto business’s app or web. Here BAP is, we provide businesses with the best high-tech solutions for their own items such as Lodyhelp App that is one of successful real estate apps developed by us.
Solutions: Lodyhelp is a real estate system that brings solutions including housing, eco-services, and travelling, which means that users can ensure recommendations when coming to 3 destinations in Vietnam like Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh. On the app, users can apply the GPS function to discover locations or local services and property in order to try out, and they either can take advantage of “search real-time buddy” function to find out local buddies to help users explore the culture, daily life at the place in which they visit.

Top Student

Challenges: You can not build a system or provide a service if you don’t understand the needs of the customers. But understanding is not the necessary condition, you have to provide a proper solution to the problem. TOP STUDENT is a website that BAP created to show that we understand the customers’ problem and we can give the solution to help students and university.
Solution: TOP Student includes the main 3 functions. Firstly, Community function is for students to communicate, buy and or sell items, follow trends, rent apartments or share houses... The second is Review function : if end-users are high school students, they can make full use of the Review function of universities with the details including campus, canteen, entertainment,.. and the Third is Contest Organization : universities can connect with each other easily through contests from TOP Student. If you are ready to build a platform like that or even more, BAP is able to give you a helping hand.

Green Beli


Chief Marketing Officier

We are looking for a passionate CMO to join our executive team in HCM. If you're excited to be part of a winning team, BAP is a great place to grow your career. 

Java Team Leader

We are looking for a talented JAVA TEAM LEADER for our various projects in HCM. If you're excited to be part of a winning team, BAP is a great place to grow your career. 

React Native Team Leader

We are looking for a talented REACT NATIVE TEAM LEADER for our various projects in HCM. If you're excited to be part of a winning team, BAP is a great place to grow your career.